Why Shop With Us

With the advent of the internet, collectors today have an unprecedented range of options in acquiring their stamps:

1. They can purchase them in marketplaces, such as E-bay, Hipstamp and Delcampe.

2. They can purchase them at auction.

3. They can purchase them from retail dealers like ourselves. Within retail dealers, they can purchase from generalist dealers, or they can purchase from specialists like ourselves.

As is the case with all goods and services today, there is a trade-off between price, availability and quality. Generally when you look for the lowest prices, you will have to give something up. Usually, that thing is service, quality, consistency or accuracy, or the ability to purchase what you want, when you want.

We believe that your limited hobby time is best spent enjoying your stamps: looking at them, mounting them and studying them. We take the work out of acquiring your stamps by bringing to you an unrivaled selection of stamps and postal history from our specialty area which is Canada and British North America, as well as a more limited selection of general material around the world. We recognize that not all collectors are the same, and if you visit the section titled "What Kind of Collector Are You?", you can hopefully find yourself and will learn how we can enhance your experience as a collector. You can purchase from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile device, at your own pace, in complete confidence that you will receive exactly what you ordered. You can rest assured that you will receive it carefully packaged, efficiently sent, and with a personal touch as well.

To the best of our knowledge, we are one of the only full service stamp dealers that grade material using our 0-100 point grading system that we developed after many years in the trade, and the only dealers that take the time to describe shade, printing variations and paper variations that go well beyond the level of detail provided by the Scott, Unitrade and Gibbons catalogues. If you are a specialist, this means that you can buy the exact variety you want, rather than having to buy several duplicate stamps in the hopes of finding what you are looking for. Of course, if you collect in a simplified manner, or you follow the level of detail in the standard or specialized catalogues, you can still find the stamps you want using our search feature.

We provide you with full, personalized service, and in addition to stamps, we maintain several blogs about stamps, including one for Canada, and one for Nigeria. These are updated regularly, every week, and include a wealth of information not available elsewhere.

We are Canada's newest full time stamp dealers. Bringing 41 years of philatelic experience, it is our mission to bring you CONSISTENCY in everything we do:

  • Consistency of quality - our stamps are meticulously graded using a 0-100 points based system, which is fully explained on our page dealing with grading.
  • Consistency of price - we price all stamps consistently according to grade.
  • Consistency of service - we always respond to every question we receive and we will do so on the day we receive it, except for weekends, when our response will be on Monday. We ship all items out the morning after we receive payment, so you receive your items quickly.
  • Consistency of packaging - we always use cardboard to stiffen envelopes and use standard #8 or oversize mailing envelopes. Mint items are always wrapped in plastic wrap to protect against moisture damage.
  • Consistency of descriptions - our descriptions are among the most informative and detailed on the internet, often going far beyond the level of detail given in the Scott, Unitrade catalogue or Stanley Gibbons Catalogues.
  • Consistency of scans - Nearly every stamp we sell that has been issued before 1952 is separately scanned, so that you will receive the exact stamp pictured. In addition we always show both the front and the back of the stamp. For material issued after 1952, and a very limited number issued just beforehand we do use stock scans, but with our refined grading system, we are confident that the stamp you receive will be at least as good as the one in the scan, and we offer an unconditional, money-back, no hassles guarantee on these stamps. So you simply return the stamp we sent you and we will send a replacement.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to become a regular customer are the discounts. If you order from us regularly and your orders are over $10, you will very likely pay less overall for your stamps in the long term as compared to purchasing individually from sellers in the online marketplaces such as E-bay, Hipstamp and Delcampe. You will certainly save yourself a considerable amount of time that you otherwise would spend scrolling through pages and pages of irrelevant listings. By shopping with us, you can create your own personal want lists, so that we are aware of the stamps that you want, and can let you know when they become available.

Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

As of December 2018 we are members of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, which has established a strict code of professional ethics with which we comply. So you can shop with confidence.