The Brian Carr Collection

This page contains links for the PDF files that will enable you to view the collection in its entirely. This collection will be available for general sale once we have concluded the ORAPEX  and CAPEX shows in April and June. To view the stamps at full size:

1. Click on the full screen icon at the top right corner of the PDF you wish to view.

2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the resulting PDF, which will zoom the size to 100%

PDF files for each volume will be added as we produce them each week:

Volume 1 - Pre Confederation Canada and Provinces Including Newfoundland to 1949 

Volume 2 - Canada From 1868 to 1899

This fantastic volume includes a full and mostly VFNH set of Jubilees as well as VFNH Maple Leaves, Numerals and Map Stamps


Volume 3 - Canada From 1903 to 1949

Another amazing volume that has the best group of perf OHMS stamps I have ever seen. 


Volume 4 - 1946 Peace Issue - 1962 Trans Canada Highway

Although most of the material in this volume is fairly standard, there is a nice showing of the Postes-Postage issue, and there is a lovely 4c Wilding fold-over error, and some ink spillage plate blocks.


Volume 5 - 1963 to 1967, Plus the Famed 1959 Seaway Invert

This volume contains an excellent showing of Cameo and Centennial issue paper varieties, and the highlight must be the Seaway invert that has a clear certificate.

Volume 6 - 1967 to 1976

This volume contains several prominent errors, the best being the 1969 Christmas with missing black, and the Kingston Military College Double Print. The regular issues provide a nice cross section of the issues, without containing every single variety, so there is plenty more that you could do with this period.

Volume 7 - 1977-1987

This volume is relatively straightforward, but does include several better errors from the Floral issue and the Artifacts issue. 



Volumes 8 through 11 - 1988 to Date

I don't show the entire four volumes here as they are largely complete and are simply a very straightforward range of the issues from these years. However, nestled in amongst this material are many errors and other goodies, including nearly all of the signed Hockey Card stamps from the 2000's.