Collection: Current Weekly Auction - Closing Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 11:30 pm Atlantic Time

Welcome to our weekly unreserved auction! This week we complete the bird theme that was started two weeks ago, and offer the first part of the fish and marine life theme, plus some bird stamps from the earlier countries that we missed the first time through. 

Canada this week will be an in-depth offering of the period from 1982-1987, with the Artifact, Parliament and National Parks issue, plus as many of the commemorative issues as we have time to lot. 

There will be approximately 500 lots this week.  The first 167 are listed tonight, with the balance to follow on Thursday and Friday. 

If you are new to the auction, please visit our FAQ page for a description of all the relevant terms and conditions. Please also note that all Canadian residents will be charged appropriate sales taxes based on where they reside.  

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