Shipping Policy

We ship to any country in the world and we generally use Canada post lettermail.

Our rates have increased effective May 26, 2023 as we are transitioning from the use of paper envelopes and cardboard inserts to cardboard mailing envelopes, which are more expensive, but more resilient to damage within the mail stream. Also, we have found that most bidders purchase multiple lots, and that a significant portion of the lettermail we send winds up being sent at oversize rates, or the second and third weight steps. For this reason, we have raised our rates to reflect these actual costs. 

For local mail within Canada, we will charge $2.50; for U.S, we will charge $3.00 and for foreign mail we will charge $5.00, at checkout. Provided that your items remain within lettermail limits, i.e. under 500g and under 20 mm thickness, there will be no further charge, and we will absorb any excess. If, on the other hand, your package has to be sent as a parcel, then we will issue a follow-up invoice for the difference between what was paid at checkout and the actual mailing cost. 

It is our experience that the postal system is extremely reliable. We have concluded over 15,000 transactions since we started on e-bay in 2010, and we can recall fewer than 12 instances in which we had to refund buyers due to non-receipt. It is therefore our opinion that registered mail is simply not worth the additional expense. We find that sending most items in #10 envelopes, with no markings or unusual stamps is the safest way to avoid attracting attention to items in the postal system. Consequently, we use regular, current stamps on our mail and do not, as a general rule, use old stamps. If you want us to use old commemorative stamps on our mailings, we will be pleased to do so, provided you let us know when you place your order. Should you wish us to register your items, please let us know and we will add a flat $10 fee to your invoice for local registration and $20 for foreign buyers.

While the postal system is reliable, it is not always quick. We have found that for some U.S. customers, your shipments can take as long as 3 weeks to reach you, and for most foreign destinations the mail takes 2-3 weeks. We would therefore suggest that you allow those times to elapse before contacting us to let us know that you have not received your item. We will respond in every case and work with you to ensure your satisfaction.