About Us

Welcome to Brixton-Chrome Inc.! We are the first stamp auction house to feature online weekly auctions that focus on a few themes in depth each week, rather than random selections of stamps from around the world. Each week we offer between 380 and 425 lots that are thoroughly described and graded. Our lots range from $5 stamps up to stamps cataloguing thousands of dollars. So, no matter what level of collector you are, you should be able to find something of interest to add to your collection. 

What sets us apart from the other auction houses are the depth and breadth of free information resources that we provide to collectors. We have organized these resources under three main menus:

  • Getting Into Stamp Collecting - This deals with all topics of interest to a beginner, such as what type of album to use, what equipment to buy and so on.
  • Stamp School - This deals with generic topics of interest to beginners and experienced collectors alike.
  • Blogs - Our blog posts cover topics about specific stamp issues in depth, and are ideal for experienced to advanced collectors

We did initially start off as retailers, but our retail division became overshadowed by our weekly auction. We hope, in time, to begin offering retail items again in the future, once we are able to find the time to organize and maintain a retail inventory, while managing the weekly auction at the same time. When we decide to re-introduce retail, we will announce it in our blog.