Welcome All Collectors and The People That Love Them

Welcome to Brixton-Chrome, the world's first dealer to truly bring stamp collecting, or philately as it is otherwise known into the 21st century. We recognize that collectors are as diverse as humanity itself, and many of you are spouses, parents, siblings, friends and other relatives of collectors who want to buy that special something for the collector in their lives.

Our aim therefore in designing this site is to make stamps less intimidating and more accessible, by providing you with all the resources you require to make informed purchasing decisions, if you are not a collector yourself, and to provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience, and all the information you need to fully enjoy your hobby if you are a collector. We believe that this hobby has something for everyone, and so we have attempted to design our collections, as well as our site to give all of you an enjoyable experience visiting us, regardless of whether you are an experienced collector, are just starting out, or are not currently a collector, but are considering taking up the hobby.

For the later group, I would very strongly recommend visiting the page "Why Stamps Are So Cool", as it provides a perspective about the hobby that you have likely not seen before. Also, if you are curious to learn more about the basics of philately, you can visit the "Stamp School" section, the "Getting Started With Stamps" section, or our blogs to learn more about the hobby. The "Stamp School" articles and "Getting Started With Stamps" articles cover topics of a general nature, and are ideal for those just starting out in the hobby, whereas the blog articles are very in-depth, technical articles aimed at advanced collectors, who have experience with the stamp issues covered by the posts, and are looking to deepen their knowledge.

If you are here to buy a gift for that special collector in your life, but do not know what to buy for them, I would suggest one of our online gift cards. They are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100, and you can find them by searching for "gift card" in the search bar. You receive a code which the recipient can redeem at checkout for anything in the store.