Privacy Policy

At Brixton-Chrome Inc., we take your privacy very seriously. Your information will never be divulged to anyone, ever. You can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that your information will remain confidential.  

As the GDPR has recently come into effect, we feel it prudent to explain more explicitly what personal data is collected from visitors, under what circumstances it is collected, how it is used, how it is stored and what our policies are in respect of privacy and security.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

At Brixton Chrome, we only collect as much personal data as is required to enable us to fill orders efficiently and to enable us to monitor our overall site traffic to determine which pages and items are most popular. The personal data that we collect is limited to:

  1. Your e-mail address, if and only if you choose to create a customer account. Please note that you can always choose to buy items and checkout without creating an account.
  2. Your address and telephone number when you checkout and place an order with us.
  3. Overall traffic pattern data is collected by Google Analytics for all visitors as a whole. We review this on a periodic basis for the overall management of the business. However, at no time is any individual user's browsing habits visible to us.

Because we use Paypal and Shopify Payments as our payment processors, we do not ever have access to your financial information, at any point. We do, of course have access to the Paypal and Shopify Payments records of your transactions. However, our account is secured by very strong passwords and none of these records contain any information about you other than your address.

How is Personal Data Collected?

Your e-mail address is only collected when you enter it upon creating a customer account. Similarly, your address and telephone number are only collected when you successfully complete checkout. Google Analytics collects general information about site visits on a daily basis, but as stated above, none of this information is identifiable as to any specific visitor.

How and Where Your Personal Data is Stored

Our website is powered by Shopify, a company located in Ottawa, Canada. All of our data, including the personal data you enter, is stored on their servers. It resides in the cloud and is broadcast to other servers around the world depending on where you live. This is done to optimize the efficiency and speed of the website pages. But none of this data is retained on any of these servers. Access to this data is controlled by strong passwords that are changed every 2 months.

Our Policies Regarding Privacy and Security Over Your Personal Data

We take your privacy very seriously. For this reason, we will never divulge your personal information to anyone, under any circumstances whatsoever. This means that we will never sell our customer lists to any third party, nor will we ever send you unsolicited e-mails of a marketing nature, unless you specifically request to be added to our mailing list for periodic newsletters or promotions.

As a user you have the right, at any time to access your personal information, by logging into your account. You may make any changes that you feel are necessary, and if you wish to delete your user account, you may do so at any time.

One Clarifying Note About E-Mail:

The ONLY way that you will receive an e-mail from us in regard to our listings or our newsletter, will be if you create a customer account, AND you specifically opt-in to receive the e-mails. Just signing up by e-mail will NOT opt you in, unless you activate your account using the separate e-mail invite that is automatically sent to you. Many of these wind up in people's junk or spam folders, so if you sign up, and do not receive this e-mail invite, please check your junk or spam folder. Once you activate your account, you will then be directed to either opt-in for e-mail marketing, or not.