Ongoing Developments - Updated March 24, 2023

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress and is always evolving. As I receive feedback from collectors and discover new features I regularly make changes to the layout of the website, and so it make sense to have a page that briefly explains what these updates are. 

My last update was in December 2021, and the business has evolved considerably since then:

  1. The auction has continued to grow and has continued to take up most of our available time, but as our team gains experience, we are beginning to complete the lotting before the end of the week, which means that we will eventually be in a position to re-introduce retail to the website.
  2. Teodora Caraignat left us in July 2022 and we replaced her with Josh Somers. Josh has proven to be a very enthusiastic employee, and highly proficient. We are very happy to have him on the team. 
  3. We have begun purchasing a lifetime collection from an individual in North Carolina that consists of an entire stamp room, with stamps of all countries. Needless to say we are excited to see what that enables us to offer over the course of the next year. 
  4. We decided not to do shows this year, and do not have plans to attend any more for the foreseeable future. 
  5. We are hoping to be in a position to re-introduce the retail pages to the website in July or August this year, when we are able to hire a third team member, whose job it will be to manage the retail operation. 

I think that is about all for now.

Happy stamping!

Chris McFetridge