Ongoing Developments

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress. I have been trying to leave e-bay since December 2016, which is 18 months as of the time I write. I had worked for several months on developing a site on a different platform - one that was not nearly as good as this one is. This website is the result of a completely new attempt to develop an information rich, resource packed site for all stamp collectors. Due to the amount of time that was wasted in developing the old website, I did not want to wait for every single aspect of this site to be perfect before bringing it live. 

Of course, it was essential that all security features be operating fully and it was essential that the basic product data be accurate, as well as the shopping cart having to be fully functional. After conducting tests, I can assure you that the site is secure, and the shopping cart and checkout functions are operating securely and quickly. 

Many of you will notice a few things as you peruse this site for the first time:

  1. The blogs contain only a few posts each.
  2. The product listings often make references to "more images", images that do not exist, or there are other minor grammatical inconsistencies in the descriptions.
  3. Many of the categories listed under the "Browse Stamps" menu are empty and do not contain any stamps. 

Each of the above three issues is being addressed systematically over the next few weeks. The remaining blog posts will be migrated to this blog, the product descriptions will be edited to: remove abbreviations from the titles, grammatical inconsistencies, irrelevant references and add Stanley Gibbons numbers to the titles of Commonwealth stamps. 

The categories will begin to populate once I assign the appropriate tags to the existing listings that are in the store now, and as the inventory is listed. Getting everything listed will take the next 2-3 years. I had considered the option of hiding the empty categories, but have decided to leave them visible, so that you can see what will be coming over the next few years. 

For the time being, you will find most of the inventory in the Canadian categories, and the Lagos category. The period categories and topical categories will begin populating over the next several weeks, as tags are added to the existing Canadian listings. 

Enjoy your visit!






So, with that said my main priority is to list the consignments first, and balance out the empty collections with material. Once that is done, I will begin the process of making detailed edits to correct inconsistencies in the cosmetics of these listings. I can promise you that the information contained in the listings is accurate, and the site functions flawlessly. But getting the exact look that I want is something that will have to be an ongoing process. 

So, enjoy the listings, and all the resources that you have to choose from here.