Ongoing Developments - Updated November 20, 2018

I created this page because this site is a work-in-progress. I have been trying to leave e-bay since December 2016, which is 21 months as of the time I write. I had worked for several months on developing a site on a different platform - one that was not nearly as good as this one is. This website is the result of a completely new attempt to develop an information rich, resource packed site for all stamp collectors. Due to the amount of time that was wasted in developing the old website, I did not want to wait for every single aspect of this site to be perfect before bringing it live. So, it is a work in progress, and this page was created to keep you up to date with the changes that have been implemented. 

I have noticed that some of the collection pages are very slow to load, taking between 10 and 20 seconds in some cases. I have looked into the issue and the reason is that I have too many product tags associated with my inventory items. So, I am now in the process of streamlining my inventory tags and reducing the number. I did a full test on one page that was taking 14 seconds to load and cut the load time down to a few seconds. So, it is working and soon all the pages should load relatively quickly so that you can browse without interruption. 

The language translation is now complete. There are still a few instances in which the translations of certain blog post titles are not correct, and other instances of text that did not translate. However, the issues involved are of minor importance. So, I am going to be working perfecting it over time. Also, the search engine currently only works in English, but the application developer has informed me that multi-language search should be operational within the next 2-3 weeks. 

I have now connected Facebook messenger, so that you can contact me instantly on messenger and have connected the other social media channels as well. I have also added a "best offer" button to allow you to make offers on my items. However, please note that offers cannot be used in conjunction with the discount coupons, as checkout only allows for one discount code. So you can either choose to make offers, or pay the list prices and claim an overall discount on the entire order. 

The categories are generally populated with a few empty collections. I had decided to leave the empty collections visible, because I wanted visitors to be able to gain a good sense of what will be offered over the years and months to come, as I am able to get more and more material listed. Obviously, my first priority, once I start listing material again, will be to list material for the empty categories first, so that every category will contain at least one item. 

I have continued to notice that there have been many searches for non-Canadian material, as I expected, and unfortunately due to time constraints, I do not yet have this portion of my inventory listed. I hope to be able list a significant amount of material over the coming months, once I have all of the other tasks completed. But, it is important to remember that I cannot have all my inventory listed at any given time. So, if you are looking for something specific, and you do not see it here, I would always suggest sending me either a message over Facebook Messenger, or by e-mail. I will check my stock and get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

Enjoy your visit!