Selling Your Stamps To Us and Consigning With Us

You have spent years building your collection, or you have inherited a large collection from a relative. The instinct that you may have now is to jump on Facebook and post about your collection in one of the stamp groups that are on the platform and gain instant attention from many collectors who may be eager to purchase your stamps. 

As tempting as this may seem, we caution against this approach and instead urge you to consider selling through us. On our page titled "Options For Selling" we present you with the other options open to you to sell your stamps, and we explain why you should consider selling through us. If you haven't read that page, we would strongly recommend doing so. You can access that page here

Having decided to sell through us, you want to understand how our process works. We recognize that there are two basic ways to offer your stamps to collectors and which one is best suited to your stamps will depend on what kind of stamps you have:

  • If your stamps consist of a large number of higher value stamps that catalogue over $100 each on average, we would recommend selling them on consignment either in our weekly auction, or on our retail pages, when we re-introduce retail to the website, which we expect to do in July or August of this year. 
  • If your stamps consist of singles and sets in the $25-$200 catalogue value range, and the quality is generally fine or better, then we believe your stamps are best sold in our weekly auction. 
  • If your stamps consist of a large number of sets or singles in the $5-$20 range, this will entail much more work for us to process, and consequently we will likely be more interested to buy it outright, than to sell it on consignment. 
  • If your stamps consist of heavy duplication of mint stamps or sets that are in the catalogue value range from $2-$20, these are best sold by retail also. We can either offer to buy this material or sell it for you on consignment.


How Does it Work?

Our approach to consignment is very simple, but our rates will depend on how much work is involved on our end. The more preparation you can do to organize your stamps to make it easier for us to grade, scan and describe your material, the more money you will receive. Our minimum commission rate is 15% on stamps selling for over $25 each, 25% on stamps selling for between $10 and $25 and 40% on anything under $10. So, if your collection contains a high proportion of material under $10, you may wish to have us buy it outright instead. 

When you contact us we will have a discussion about your stamps in which we will ascertain what you have, and which method of sale is most suitable for you. We will then ask that you organize and identify your stamps as best you can, if you know what you have. If you don't, then we will discuss with you how to best organize it, so as to make it easier for us to evaluate and describe it efficiently. 

Then we will give you detailed instructions regarding how to send the material to us. We are members of the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association (CSDA), Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA) and Philatelic Traders' Society (PTS), so you can rest assured that your stamps will be treated with care and kept separate from other stamps in our possession. 

Once we receive them, we will look at what you have sent and determine when to schedule it into our auctions, if we determine that to be the best route, or we may make an offer to purchase, or we will schedule a time in which to list your stamps for retail sale. 

If we accept your stamps on consignment, then we will send you periodic reports on the status of what has sold, how much it sold for, what our commission will be, and how much your net proceeds are. This will be accompanied by a payment, either an e-mail transfer, or an international wire transfer. 


In short, we make it simple for you to dispose of your stamps that you no longer want. We take the uncertainty and guess-work out of the process.

In addition to our memberships in the two dealer associations mentioned above, I am a member in good standing of both the Ontario Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the New Brunswick Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a member of these two respected professional bodies, I hold myself to the highest standards of professional integrity. So you can rest assured that your interests are being looked after objectively and professionally.

Although we are located in New Brunswick, we receive shipments from all over North America all the time. Shipping your stamps is not difficult if you follow our instructions. We have insurance coverage on incoming shipments, so your shipment will be protected.