Selling Your Stamps To Us and Consigning With Us

You have spent years building your collection. When the time comes to sell, you want to achieve the best possible price for your stamps, regardless of whether your collection is classic stamps, or modern postal history.

To do this, you need to sell your collection through a dealer who can ensure that your items are treated with the respect that they deserve, are accurately and thoroughly described, and appropriately priced. With our extensive descriptions, our unique grading system and approach to pricing, we believe we can achieve a superior overall result for you, provided that you are willing to wait for your items to be found by the right buyer. It is our experience that while it takes time to find the right buyer for specialized material, there is always a collector out there that is looking for what you have.

How Does it Work?

Our approach to consignment is very simple. You send us the items you want us to sell. We will examine all material carefully and will prepare a detailed inventory, which will include the prices we intend to offer your material at. This inventory will be sent to you and after you have reviewed it and indicated that it is accurate, it will serve as your receipt.

We will then either list the material in the retail section of our website, or we will offer it in one or more of our weekly auctions, depending on where we believe we can obtain the best price for you. On a quarterly basis, at the end of March, June, September and December, we will send you an updated copy of your inventory, which will show which items sold, how much they sold for, and what our commission was. If you live in Canada, we are required to charge HST or GST on the commission amount. A cheque for the amount of the sales proceeds, less our commission will accompany the inventory.

It's as simple as that. We charge a 25% commission on all consignments - a little more than most auction houses, but the advantage to you is that we break everything down and list more items than an auction house will. Most auctions will not list a stamp as a separate lot if it is expected to sell for less than $250. We will list stamps that sell for as little as $0.99 separately, so that you can be assured of receiving as much value as possible for your collection. However, much more time and effort is required to do this, which is why our commission rate is 25%, and not 10% or 15%.

There is no need for you to prepare your own inventory, though you may find it helpful to do so. However, please be advised that in the event that you do provide one, we will check its accuracy, and would likely wish to prepare our own spreadsheets for reporting purposes.

We would also advise that you send us any records you might have regarding the original cost of the stamps, as we will use this to help prepare tax reporting information that may be required by the jurisdiction in which you live.

In short, we make it simple for you to dispose of your stamps that you no longer want. We take the uncertainty and guess-work out of the process.

I am a member in good standing of both the Ontario Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the New Brunswick Institute of Certified Public Accountants. As a member of these two respected professional bodies, I holds myself to the highest standards of professional integrity. So you can rest assured that your interests are being looked after objectively and professionally.

Of course, if you decide that you want to sell your collection outright, we will be more than happy to offer you that option as well.