Lot 46 Cayman Islands SC#563a/572a 1986-1990 Marine Life Definitives, A VF Used Range Of Better Singles, 2017 Scott Cat. $35.25 USD, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures

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SKU Lot-46-April-13-2022

A VF Used range ofbetter singles from the 1986-1990 Marine Life Definitives. Odd better values from the various sets that make up this issue, with 1986, 1987 and 1988 imprint dates. The Scott numbers range from 563a to 572a, and include 566, 563a, 571a, 572a, 562b-564b. 2017 Scott cat. $35.25.

A note about postage charges: due to the bulky nature of the packets and the larger lots containing souvenir sheets, we will be charging actual postage incurred to send the lots throught this sale, unless the postage comes to less than $3 in total, in which case we will continue to charge our standard rates. We will invoice the lots as normal, with basic postal charges and then will follow up with a second invoice after we return from the post office, and the cost of the postage is known. One exception is for smaller lots on 102 cards, which contain no souvenir sheets or covers.

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