Lot 277 Canada SC#586/605 1972-1978 Caricature Issue, A VFNH Range Of Singles, Unitrade $36.75, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures

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A VFNH range of singles from the 1972-1978 Caricature Issue. The Unitrade numbers range from 586 to 605, and include 586-601, 604-605. Included are some of the basic tyoe and perforation differences. I have not checked the tagging or paper under UV, as I am just offering this as a basic set, but the 10c includes a perf. 12.5 x 12 type 1 and perf. 13.3 type 2. The 15c includes the same thing and the 20c includes both perfs. The 25cand 50c include both the perf. 12.5 x 12 type 1 and perf. 13.3 type 2. Generally the perf. 12.5 x 12 printings are all on vertically ribbed paper, with the exception of one 25c, which is on smooth paper. Unitrade values these stamps at $36.75, counting them as the least expensive types.

The stamps offered here grade between 75 and 84 as follows:

Centering/Margins: 45/70, 50/70, 54/70

Paper Freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5

Impression: 5/5

Absence of Visible Paper Flaws: 5/5

Perforations: 10/10

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