Lot 225 Canada #37 3c Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, Three Fine Single Franking Covers, Franked With Mid to Late Montreal Printings, All Different Shades

SKU Lot-225-August-18-2021

Three fine covers, one from St Catharines dated March 4th 1887 to Niagara, One from Petrolia dated July 4th 1887 to Chatham, ON and one from Quebec dated September 27th 1885 to Sherbrooke, all franked with the 3c orange red Small Queen stamps from the Montreal printing. The backstamps indicate that the one to Niagara arrived March 5th, the one to Chatham arrived July 5th, while the one to Sherbrooke has an obscured date. The one to Sherbrooke has numerous creases all throughout, while the other two are in fine conditions. Unitrade values these covers at $36.