Lot 222 Great Brittain SG#216/231 1/2d - 2.5d Blue Green - Ultramarine King Edward VII, 1902-1910 De La Rue Keyplate Issue, 7 Fine Used Singles, Imperial Crown Watermark, Perf. 14, Including Most Gibbons Listed Shades

SKU Lot-222-October-13-2021

7 fine used singles of the 1/2d - 2.5d blue green - ultramarine King Edward VII from the 1902-1910 De La Rue Keyplate Issue with Imperial Crown watermark, perf. 14, including most Gibbons listed shades. This group includes all the Gibbons listed shades for these values, except the dull blue green shade of the 1/2d.

Gibbons values this at 31.5 pounds, which is approximately $53.55. However, our estimate of the value given the condition is $15. The stamp offered here grades 70 as follows:

Centering/Margins: 40/60 and 35/60

Paper Freshness: 5/5

Colour: 5/5 and 4/5

Impression: 5/5

Absence of Visible Paper Flaws: 5/5

Perforations: 10/10

Cancellation: 5/10, 6/10 and 8/10