Lot 222 Canada #37 3c Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, A Fine Single Franking Dead Letter Office "Not Called For" Cover From 1889

SKU Lot-222-August-18-2021

A fine cover sent from Toronto, ON on May 8th 1889 to Arnprior, ON franked with a 3c orange red Small Queen stamp covering drop letter rates, as the cover is sealed. The letter is marked with a "Not Called For" on the front, with a stamp for the Temple Chambers in Toronto on the back. The back also contains date stamps for the letter to be relocated to the Dead Letter Office of Canada on July 8th and 9th, 1889. Some light creasing on the front and back, otherwise is in fine condition. Our estimate of the value of this cover is $30, though it had been retail priced by the previous owner at $75.