Lot 22 Great Britain SC#991-999, 1982 Admirals & Textiles Issues, A Specialized Lot Of 22 VFNH Singles On Varying Phosphorized Papers. 2006 Scott Cat $18.85 USD, Click on Listing to See ALL Pictures

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A specialized lot of 22 VFNH singles from the 1982 Admirlas & Textiles issues, showing up to 3 different types of phosphorized papers. This is the first GB issue on which we have seen this generally colorless, shiny PVA gum on Admiral stamps & greenish PVA of textiles. The stamps are identified on the back of the 102 cards. Generally the fronts glow HB or HF, but backs range from LF to mottled HB, with some containing brownish woodpulp flecks.
2006 Scott Cat for mint is $18.85.

Although not listed specifically in either Gibbons or Scott, the commemorative and definitive stamps issued after 1971 can be found on a variety of different papers, which give differing reactions under long-wave ultraviolet light. Most all of the papers are chalk-surfaced, and until the mid 1990's the chalk coating fluoresces either hibrite (HB) or high fluorescent under the lamp. From the mid 1990's onward the coating gives a dull to dead reaction under UV. On the back the reaction can vary from dull to hibrite and also with fluorescent fibres in the paper. These varieties follow a definite progression as time moves on, with certain varieties only being found on certain issues. These lots do indicate though that there may be as many as five or six different varieties of paper on many issues.
The PVA gum found on these issues also varies. The paper used from 1971 until early 1974, called "original coated paper" had used a creamy white PVA that has a semi-gloss sheen and a streakiness similar to what you would see if you painted a wall using a less than full roller. Starting in 1974, dextrine was added to the gum, giving it a greenish tinge. This gum was dull at first and later became a semi-gloss gum. Eventually by 1976 the colour changes back to white and in the mid-80's it goes back to being greenish. Finally, by the early 2000's it becomes a glossier white.

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