Lot 200 Canada #35d,iii,vii 1c Yellow, Lemon Yellow & Orange Queen Victoria, 1870-1893 Small Queen Issue, An Ungraded Study Lot Of 10 Used Singles Perfs 11.5 x 12 & 11.75 x 12

SKU Lot-200-March-16-2022

An ungraded study lot of 10 used singles of the 1c yellow, lemon yellow & orange Queen Victoria from the 1870-1893 Small Queen Issue, perfs 11.5 x 12 & 11.75 x 12. Generally good or VG with small faults, but ideal for study, as there is a variety of shades and papers.

Unitrade values these at $75 in fine conditoon. Our estimate for this condition is at $10.