Lot 151 Canada #457, 464, 490i 4c & 20c Centennial & 1969 Curling Issue on Dull Paper, Combination Use on 1969 Special Delivery Airmail Cover to USA

SKU Lot-151-September-22-2021

An attractive special delivery airmail cover sent to the US on February 3, 1969. The cover has a nice cachet of the 7c 1951 CAPEX stamp and is franked with a 4c and two 20c Quebec Ferry Centennials, plus the 6c Curling issue on dull paper. The 20c stamps pay the 40c special delivery rate, while the other two stamps pay the 10c airmail rate to the US. A nice mixed definitive/commemorative franking. Very fine. Est. $10.

The Centennial issue covers have been priced according to the overall scarcity of the rates, the destinations and the frankings, as well as the specific paper types of the stamps used. Although there are many common covers to be found during the life of this issue, many are quite scarce, and the estimates reflect this. The following specific comments can be made:

1. Many of the stamps that are common off-cover, are much scarcer on cover. These would include any hibrite paper printing, as this paper was only in use a few months, the fluorescent orange ink on the 6c, the 7c emerald, as its period of use was just 6 months, most all Winnipeg tagged stamps as they were only available in Winnipeg, and finally some of the scarcer booklet singles.

2. The most common covers will of course be local drop letters or domestic single weight covers. This would be followed by single weight covers to the US and single airmail to Western European countries. It is these covers that are generally $1-$5 if they are VF and have some nice cancel or other marking of note.

3. Registered covers, special delivery and third class or printed matter rates are all somewhat scarce, and at a minimum are generally in the $10 range. If they are to a better destination, or are paid with a combination of definitives and commemoratives, or include a better paper variety they will be $15-$20.

4. The scarcer covers are generally multiple weight steps, or combinations of services, such as special delivery and registered, or registered for higher indemnities. These covers are typically estimated in the $30-$40 range.

5. Advertising, corner cards or special addressees or other markings will add to the value also.

While these prices may seem high it must be emphasized that these are not the kinds of covers you will see in a standard dealer's dollar box or junk box of covers. They are often cherry-picked from large cover accumulations or dealer stocks.