Norfolk Island #126-140, 1c-$1 1970 Bird Definitives, a VFNH Complete Set, With Additional Paper Varieties of Most Values


A complete VFNH set of the 1970 bird definitives, with additional paper varieties for all values except the 2c, 3c, 5c, 30c and 45c. These stamps are printed on chalk-surfaced paper that gives both a hibrite reaction on the back under UV, but also a slightly less bright high fluorescent reaction as well.  

    Scott lists these stamps at $56.50 for VFNH. The stamps offered here grade between 75 and 84 as follows:

    Centering/Margins 45/70, 50/70 and 54/70

    Paper freshness: 5/5

    Colour: 5/5

    Impression: 5/5

    Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5

    Perforations: 10/10


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