Canada #404/417 1962-1967 Cameo Issue, Two Airmail Covers to Holland Franked With Combination Usages


Two 15c airmail covers to the Netherlands, sent from Ottawa in 1964 and Montreal in 1965.  Each cover is franked with a different combination of stamps from the Cameo issue and 1964 commemorative issues as follows:

  • One is franked with three 4c Cameo and one 5c Cameo, being overpaid by 2c. 
  • One is franked with a 7c jet plane, the 5c Unity and 5c World Peace issue, also overpaid by 2c. 

The 15c airmail rate to Europe is reasonably common, but the frankings are slightly better than what is usually seen, which would be 3 x 5c Cameo, a 15c Gannet or a 10c Inuk & Kayak + 5c Cameo. 

Est. $10 for the pair.