Canada #415/452 15c Canada Geese 1962-1967 Cameo Issue, Combination Usage on Double Weight 25c Air Mail Special Delivery Cover to the US, Sent in 1966


A 30c double weight air mail special delivery cover, sent from Montreal, Quebec to New York, NY on December 7, 1966. Franked with a single 15c Canada Geese, two 5c orange Christmas and a 5c CPA conference. Grand Central Station machine receiving cancel on December 8, 1966.

The cover is addressed to Mercury Stamp Company, where Herbert Bloch, a renowned stamp dealer whose expertising marks are still relied upon for many of the world's scarcest classic stamps worked. He was one of the most famous modern dealers, so this makes the cover that much more special. 

A scarcer rate cover from this period. 

Est. $25.00