Canada #1183i, 1355iii, 1375b 25c Saskatoon Berry, $1 Yorkton Courthouse, $5 Bonsecours Market 1991 - 1998 Fruit & Flag Issue, Combination Use on July 1997 Registered Cover to Egypt


A July 1997 registered cover to Egypt, franked with a pair of 25c Saskatoon Berry APC reprint,  $1 Yorkton Courthouse CBN printing, and $5 Bonsecours Market Sept. 1992 reprint paying the $6.50 registration rate to Pakistan.  This is a nice, in-period use of all stamps except the $5, which was replaced by the Victoria Public Library stamp in February 1996. 

An interesting 2-issue franking cover to an unusual destination. 

Est. $20. 

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