Canada #1164-1166, 1191 38c-39c 1988-1989 First Class Definitives, Combination Usages on 3 Airmail Covers to the UK


Three airmail covers to the UK, sent at various times, and each franked with two or first class domestic definitives as follows:

  • March 15, 1989 cover franked with 38c Queen and Parliament to make up the 76c rate.
  • February 1990 cover franked with a pair for 39c flag, paying the 78c rate.
  • August 13, 1989 cover franked with two 39c quick sticks, paying the 76c rate. This is the best of the three frankings, as the self adhesive stamp is harder to find on cover. 

Est. $8 for the four. 

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