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Complete 1975-2006 MNH Faroe Islands Collection

Complete 1975-2006 MNH Faroe Islands Collection

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An apparently complete VFNH collection of sets and singles issued between 1975 and 2006 for this small Scandinavian country. The issues up to 1979, and then 1981-1986 are arranged on Vario stockpages. The years 1980, and 1987-2006 are housed in the original annual presentation albums, and all are individually sleeved in plastic for protection. The open pages show the typical layout of one of these albums. 

The total 2023 Scott catalogue value according to the consignor is $935.80. Our price is $360 plus shipping and applicable taxes. The entire collection will fit in a Canada Post 5 kg flat rate box. This will cost approximately $30-$35 to ship within Canada. 

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