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Canada #286/330 (SG#416/461) 1953 Karsh Issue 15c Airmail Cover to East Germany XF-85

Canada #286/330 (SG#416/461) 1953 Karsh Issue 15c Airmail Cover to East Germany XF-85

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15c single weight airmail cover sent from Penticton, BC on October 19, 1953 to Dresden, East Germany. Franked with singles of #286, 3c rose violet Postes-Postage (used just a few months out of period), 320 and 325, 1c and 7c Karsh definitives, plus a single of #330, the 4c 1953 Coronation issue. Together these stamps pay the 15c preferential airmail rate to Europe. An unusual usage of the 4c Coronation issue and the 1c Karsh definitive, as most covers would have been paid with either #301 & 329, #320 x 2 + 325 or #314. An attractive four colour franking. The cover offered here grades XF-85 as follows:

Intactness of the cover: 25/25

Paper freshness from the front: 20/25

Paper freshness from the back: 8/10

Condition of the paper and edges: 10/15

Appearance of the handwriting: 4/5

Clarity of the postal markings: 15/15

Condition of the stamps: 3/5

My asking price for this cover is based on 80% of a value of $27.50 arrived at as follows:

Destination: $5 (eastern Europe is scarcer than western Europe, especially since this is the Cold War).

Franking: $13.50 (3 points x 3 points x 3 points x 5 points x $0.10 per point). Each stamp is rated according to how common it is a cover of this rate and assigned a point value.

Premium for condition: 50%

If you have any questions about my valuation system for postal history please do contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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