Worldwide Collector

You collect stamps from all countries of the world, or from a large number of related countries that are not within the British Commonwealth. Although worldwide stamps are not our specialty at an in-depth level, we do acquire a large number of worldwide stamps in the collections that we purchase and accept on consignment.

We have recognized that many of you collect using catalogues other than Scott, and where we can our listings will use Scott numbers as well as the catalogues native to your collecting area. We have designed our collections to make it easier for you to browse for what you are looking for if you collect a specific time period, such as 19th Century, World War II or the like. All of our collections can be filtered by country, to help you zero in on what it is you are looking for.

Our point based grading system and scans for both front and back of stamps issued before 1945 means that you can shop with complete confidence that you are getting exactly what you have ordered. If you have duplicate stamps in your collection that you no longer have a use for, we are one of the few dealers who will help you sell them on consignment. You can read about how consignment works in the section titled "How Much Are My Stamps Worth?". If you would rather trade your stamps in for other stamps, that is an option that we will consider as well.

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