Want Lists and Subscriptions

Due to the sheer volume of stamps issued by the countries around the world, it is impossible to list all of the world's issued stamps in the collections contained on this site. It would take several lifetimes of full time work to do so.

Because of this, we encourage you to contact us and send us want lists of whatever you are looking for that you cannot find on our website. We will then look for the material you need and give you a quotation when we secure what you are looking for. You can send us your want list by e-mail, if you have a formal list, or you can contact us through Facebook Messenger with your list. Either way, we will save your lists in a file and will notify you when we find the stamps you are looking for. While we appreciate updated lists, it is not a requirement of using this service. There is no obligation: just because you send us a list does not mean you are obligated to buy the stamps we offer you. The only exception would be situations where we are sourcing very expensive stamps costing more than $1,000 each.

For those of you who are down to the last few rarities in your collecting area, we would be happy to source the missing stamps on a fee-per-stamp basis. To use this service, you need to tell us:

  1. Which condition grade you require.
  2. Whether you require a certificate and from whom.
  3. What your budget is.

Using this information, we will source the requested stamps, working within these parameters. Our fee will be $75 per stamp for any stamp costing less than $2,500 and $150 per stamp for any stamp costing more than $2,500.

Finally, we offer a monthly subscription service for those of you who do not wish to make, keep and maintain want lists. The service is simple. You set a monthly budget and tell us in detail what your collecting interests are. We will then send you a tailored selection of stamps every month that suits your budget and complements the stamps you already have in your collection. If you wish to pause a subscription for any reason, you can do so. If we send you material that you already have, you simply return it to us, and we will add the value of the return plus the postage cost, to your next selection. It is that simple. No fuss. Nothing but beautiful stamps coming straight to your door every month.