Specialist Collector

You collect a very specific issue of stamps, group of issues, or even just one stamp. You are trying to tell the story of that stamp, issue or group of issues. Consequently, you are looking for everything you can find that will enhance your ability to tell that story completely. Because of this, you make use of many specialized reference sources that will identify varieties of shade, paper, gum, perforation and design that are not listed, or even acknowledged by most standard catalogues. This has often meant that you are forced to buy larger lots of stamps and go through them to have any hope of finding that elusive variety that you have been looking for. As a result of doing this for years you wind up with a lot of duplicate stamps that you don't need.

At Brixton-Chrome, our in-depth expertise spans Canada and the entire British Commonwealth. Our listings are second to none in terms of the detail that we include in our stamp descriptions. If you collect from these areas then you are almost certain to find an item you have been looking for. We have created specialized collections of paper fluorescence and tagging varieties, re-entries and cancellations to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. You can browse and shop with complete confidence.

Not only this, but because we are one of the few dealers that will accept material on consignment, you have a way of being able to sell your duplicate stamps, without having to do the time consuming work of listing them yourself. At the same time you can consign them with the peace of mind of knowing that they will be described correctly and valued correctly, so that you receive as much value for them as you possibly can.

Maybe your collection has advanced to the point where you can see very few opportunities to add new material. The good news though, is that stamp collections are almost never truly complete. Even when you think you have every variety there is from your collecting area, we can probably show you a new dimension to pursue in your collecting that you hadn't considered. If we can't, then we may be able to suggest an entirely new collecting project for you that fits within your budget and which is consistent with the types of stamps you most like to collect.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!