Nigerian Collector

You collect Nigeria and Territories before 1914 because you are attracted to the diversity and beauty of Nigerian stamps, as well as the rich history of its postal system. You appreciate the challenge in collecting and studying its stamps and seeing how the country has grown and morphed since it started as a crown colony and a series of protectorates in 1874.

You have been looking without success for a dealer who can offer you a comprehensive range of stamps and covers, all expertly described. But look no further. At Brixton-Chrome one of our specialties is Nigeria and territories. We have one of the largest stocks in the world, so we are almost certain to have something that will help you grow your collection.

To make your browsing experience as easy as possible, we have arranged our material into a separate collection for each pre-1914 territory and have split Nigeria into three collections: King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to 1960 and Queen Elizabeth after independence in 1960.

If you are a specialized collector, we can almost certainly offer you something you do not already have, as our stock goes much, much deeper than what is listed by Gibbons.

Finally, if you have duplicate Nigerian stamps that you wish to sell, we can sell them for you on consignment, or we can purchase them from you outright. If you wish to trade them in for other Nigerian issues we can arrange that also.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!