Investment Oriented Collector

You collect primarily for the investment potential that scarce and rare stamps have. You are looking for a dealer who can advise you as to what the best stamps are for you to invest in, depending on what your expected holding period is.

At Brixton-Chrome, we have a keen eye on the international stamp market, as well as expert knowledge, acquired with decades of experience that has enabled us to identify those stamps that represent the best short-term, medium term and long term investments.

Our grading system and our collections of "VFNH Stamps", "Superb Used" and "Super High Grade Stamps" offer you easy to browse selections of stamps that are likely to be the types of stamps you are looking to add to your portfolio - all expertly described, graded and backed by our money back guarantee.

When the time comes to realize on your investment, we can assist in finding the right seller for your stamps, if it is not ourselves, and we can advise you as to how to minimize the tax impact of the sale.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!