Free-Form Collector

You collect without constraints. You collect whatever stamps speak to you. You do not allow yourself to be constrained by printed albums or catalogues. You are far more interested in what is shown on the stamps in your collection than you are with the technical details or the physical attributes of the stamp itself.

Because of this you want a collection of listings that is image rich and very light on descriptions, because you don't need or want them. You may still want catalogue numbers, as you may be following a list that you have made, but generally you know what you want and enjoy browsing for stamps that speak to you.

This is why we came up with the 99c collection, the Cool Artistic Designs collection and the Engraved Stamps for Under $10 collection. These collections take the stamps you are likely to find the most appealing and present them all in one, easily viewable location. Descriptions are kept simple, with minimal detail, so that you can focus on the stamp images themselves.

If you ever decide that your interests have changed and you want to move into a new collecting area, we can help you with that change, including helping you sell your existing stamps, and even trading them for other stamps that you would prefer to have instead.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!