Canadian Collector

If you collect Canada to any level of specialization, you have definitely come to the right dealer. We are one of the few dealers who specialize in all aspects of Canadian philately, right up to date. We are especially proficient in the post-World War II issues, and our knowledge of the material goes much, much deeper than what is in Unitrade.

We freely share our knowledge and experience with you via our weekly blog posts in our Canadian Stamps and Postal History blog. We publish a new in-depth article every Tuesday. If you collect at a specialized level, then we strongly recommend that you sign up for our mailing list, as our blog posts contain a wealth of information that is simply not available anywhere else.

Our listings for our Canadian stamps are all numbered according to both Unitrade and Gibbons, and our descriptions use issue names and terminology that is familiar to most collectors of Canada. So you can purchase with a high degree of confidence that the stamp or cover that you are buying from us is correctly identified.

Your collection may be at the point where you are missing just the rarest stamps and may feel that there is not much opportunity to grow the collection, which may be causing you to lose interest. Fortunately we can help. Because of our in-depth expertise, we can make suggestions on how you can deepen your collection and have a blast doing so. Alternatively we can carefully consider what you enjoyed most about collecting up to this point and suggest an alternate collecting project that will rejuvenate your passion as a collector. Failing all that, if you have decided that you need to sell your collection, or your duplicates, we can help you with that, as we actively purchase all Canadian collections, or accept them on consignment.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!