British Commonwealth Collector

If you are like a lot of British Commonwealth collectors, you tend to collect by reign and then by country or region. Therefore you want to be able to browse your stamps by reign and then filter the results by country. Here at Brixton-Chrome you can do just that. Our collections are arranged by reign, and may be filtered by country. In addition, we have split the present reign of Queen Elizabeth II into two periods, to give recognition to the fact that some collectors prefer to cut their collecting off at 1970, to correspond to the Gibbons Volume One catalogue, which ends at the end of 1970. The first period thus runs from 1952 to the end of 1970, and the other runs from 1971 to date.

You also are very likely to use Gibbons for your want lists and in organizing your collection. So, you need stamp listings to provide Gibbons numbers as well as Scott numbers, so that you can more easily identify which stamps you need to fill in those spaces. Our listings for British Commonwealth, Canada and Nigeria give both the Gibbons and Scott number, so that no matter which catalogue you use, you can find the stamps you need for your collection.

You may have accumulated significant numbers of duplicate stamps over the years, many of which are only recognized by Gibbons. Because we accept material on consignment, you have a means of being able to sell them, without doing any additional work, and knowing that we will not overlook those scarce printings and varieties.

That, is the Brixton-Chrome difference. Start experiencing it today!