Authentication and Grading

At Brixton-Chrome, are ready to put our expertise to work for you in the form of written opinions regarding the authenticity and grade of stamps, covers and multiples. We offer two services in this regard:

  1. We will examine any stamp or cover from Canada and British North America, or the British Commonwealth and will issue a written opinion as to the authenticity of the item in question. Our opinion will state the identity of the item, in terms of a catalogue number and description, will state our opinion, and any special factors that we considered in rendering our opinion.
  2. We will grade any stamp, booklet, booklet pane, cover or document submitted to us, in accordance with our grading scale. We will issue a written opinion, which will identify the item submitted, state the grade and provide a breakdown of how the grade was determined.

The cost for both services will be a flat rate of $15 per item submitted.

Please note that our in-depth expertise does not extend beyond the British Commonwealth. This is why we cannot issue written opinions in respect of other countries. We can provide basic identification services (checking watermarks, perforations, shades, types etc.) for stamps of all countries, but we are unable to opine as to the authenticity of gum or the originality of printings for many of the issues of 19th century Europe and US. Collectors wishing to submit items for basic identification may do so at the cost of $1 per stamp, or cover submitted