Canada #463pivar 15c Deep Reddish Violet Bylot Island, 1967-1973 Centennial Definitive Issue, The Rare Plate 2 Foldover Error Block With PVA Gum on DF Paper, Winnipeg Tagged


A very fine NH example of the very rare plate 2 foldover error block of the 15c Bylot Island stamp with PVA gum on DF paper, with Winnipeg tagging.

Until this and one other block was discovered, it was thought that all the PVA gum printings of this value came from plate 3. The tagged stamps were regarded as no different, but this block proves that plate 2 was used for at least some of the tagged printings. This is one of very few known examples and is illustrated in Harris as fig. 811.

It is a highly important item for the Centennial specialist, as apart from being from plate 2, it also establishes DF paper which was used for a small portion of the PVA gum printings as very likely originating from plate 2, and thus sheds additional light on why the DF paper is so scarce.

Unpriced in Harris. Our price reflects what we feel is realistic, given the immense rarity and importance of this piece.

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