The Fascination of the World's Definitive Stamps Issued After 1945

The Fascination of the World's Definitive Stamps Issued After 1945

For many years now I have been fascinated with the field of modern philately. It is in the modern period that we see a massive amount of innovation in the way stamps were printed and the way in which the mail sorting and cancelling systems were mechanized. The fields of tagging and paper fluorescence become as important and critical as perforations are to classic stamps. In addition to these attributes, we begin to see significant differences in inks, paper, gum and the configuration of perforations within sheets, as well as booklet stamps. 

The definitive stamp issues released after 1945 provide the best illustration of this innovation and form a fascinating field of study. I have long wanted, as my personal hobby to specialize in these issues, as most can be bought for very little, especially if they are used. 

So, I have decided to start this blog as a way to document and chronicle my journey and share my observations with the philatelic world at large. My collection at this point consists only of bits and pieces from lots I have bought and as such, my coverage of each country's issues will necessarily be incomplete. However, I will show you what I know from my study of the stamps and will speculate on those aspects that may exist, but I do not yet have the material to illustrate. 

It is my hope that these posts will inspire those of you looking for new collecting areas to tackle one or more of the issues written about in this blog. 

My next and first substantive post will be a listing of the definitive issues that have been released by each of the world's nations between 1945 and 2008. Where an issue includes pre-1945 stamps as well as post-1945, it will be included of course. 



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