Language Translation is Now Here!

Language Translation is Now Here!

For the past few months, I have been working on translating the content on this site, so that it would be available to as many people around the world as possible. I value all collectors, no matter where you live, and it is important to me that you be able to read about stamps and shop with confidence in your native language. 

About a month ago, I started working with a translation program. It was capable of 100 languages, and so in my excitement I chose 42 languages and got to work translating all my web pages, products and blog posts. After a month of work I was nearly ready to publish, when I started receiving error messages. After much enquiry it became apparent that I had pushed the program far beyond its capabilities. It was designed for 1 or 2 languages, not 42. 

So, I was forced to reduce the number of languages to 15. I am hopeful that I have been able to accommodate as many of you as possible. However, in previewing the translations, it has become obvious that they are not perfect. The romantic languages - those closest to English have translated fairly well. But others have not. Unfortunately, I cannot publish them one at a time. I either have to publish them all or none. So I have decided to publish them as they are, and I will, as I have time edit them manually where I can. But please be understanding when you are viewing the content in your language, and if something isn't clear, please send me a message with your question, and I will answer it in your language. 

I have managed to correct all the page titles and menu links. However, many of the blog post titles still need to be corrected, as do the tags that are used to filter the collections. These will be corrected over the next several weeks. Also, some of the posts have yet to be translated into Punjabi. These translations will be corrected over the next several days. 

My goal has been to open the world of stamps, particularly Canadian stamps to people around the world, who may not normally have access to such material on a regular basis. So, please do enjoy!



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