Why Shop With Us


With the advent of the internet, collectors today have an unprecedented range of options in acquiring their stamps:

1. They can purchase them in marketplaces, such as E-bay, Hipstamp and Delcampe. 

2. They can purchase them at auction.

3. They can purchase them from retail dealers like ourselves. Within retail dealers, they can purchase from generalist dealers, or they can purchase from specialists like ourselves. 

As is the case with all goods and services today, there is a trade-off between price, availability and quality. Generally when you look for the lowest prices, you will have to give something up. Usually, that thing is service, quality, consistency or accuracy, or the ability to purchase what you want, when you want. 

We believe that your limited hobby time is best spent enjoying your stamps: looking at them, mounting them and studying them. We take the work out of acquiring your stamps by bringing to you an unrivalled selection of stamps and postal history from our specialty area which is Canada and British North America. You can purchase from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, in complete confidence.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only full service stamp dealers that grade material using our 0-100 point grading system that we developed after many years in the trade, and the only dealers that take the time to describe shade, printing variations and paper variations that go well beyond the level of detail provided by the Scott, Unitrade and Gibbons catalogues. If you are a specialist, this means that you can buy the exact variety you want, rather than having to buy several duplicate stamps in the hopes of finding what you are looking for. Of course, if you collect in a simplified manner, or you follow the level of detail in the standard or specialized catalogues, you can still find the stamps you want using our search feature. 

We provide you with full, personalized service, and in addition to stamps, we maintain several blogs about stamps, including one for Canada, and one for Nigeria. These are updated regularly, every week, and include a wealth of information not available elsewhere. 

We are Canada's newest full time stamp  dealers. Bringing 39 years of philatelic experience, it is our mission to bring you CONSISTENCY in everything we do:

  • Consistency of quality - our stamps are meticulously graded using a 0-100 points based system, which is fully explained on our page dealing with grading. 
  • Consistency of price - we price all stamps consistently according to grade.
  • Consistency of service - we always respond to every question we receive and we will do so on the day we receive it, except for weekends, when our response will be on Monday. We ship all items out the morning after we receive payment, so you receive your items quickly. 
  • Consistency of packaging - we always use cardboard to stiffen envelopes and use standard #8 or oversize mailing envelopes. Mint items are always wrapped in plastic wrap to protect against moisture damage. 
  • Consistency of descriptions - our descriptions are among the most informative and detailed on the internet, often going far beyond the level of detail given in the Scott, Unitrade catalogue or Stanley Gibbons Catalogues.
  • Consistency of scans - Every stamp we sell that has been issued before 1952 is separately scanned, so that you will receive the exact stamp pictured. In addition we always show both the front and the back of the stamp. For material issued after 1952, we do use stock scans, but with our refined grading system, we are confident that the stamp you receive will be at least  as good as the one in the scan, and we offer an unconditional, money-back, no hassles guarantee on these stamps. So you simply return the stamp we sent you and we will send a replacement. 

Another reason to purchase your stamps from us is estate planning. The incidence of collectons being mishandled by a collector's estate is very high when a collector's holdings are amassed from a variety of sources, unless the collector has kept complete records of their purchases.  We maintain complete records of your purchases, and with your written permission in your will, we can make this information available to your executor or executrix.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to become a regular customer are the discounts. If you order from us regularly and your orders are over $10, you will very likely pay less overall for your stamps in the long term as compared to purchasing individually from sellers in the online marketplaces such as E-bay, Hipstamp and Delcampe. You will certainly save yourself a considerable amount of time that you otherwise would spend scrolling through pages and pages of irrelevant listings. By shopping with us, you can create your own personal wish lists, so that we are aware of the stamps that you want, and can let you know when they become available. 




We offer coupons that may be applied to all orders that exceed  $10 USD before shipping for all customers except VIP customers, who may apply their coupons to all purchases:

$10.01-$20: 5% discount. Coupon code is "5".

$20.01-$50: 10% discount. Coupon code is "10".

$50.01-$100: 15% discount. Coupon code is "15".

Over $100: 20% discount. Coupon code is "20".

To receive your discount, simply enter the appropriate coupon code in the prompt, when preparing your shopping cart for checkout. 

For VIP customers, the following enhanced coupons are available:

Orders Under $10: 5% discount. Coupon code is "VIP5"

$10.01-$20: 10% discount. Coupon code is "VIP10"

$20.01-$50: 15% discount. Coupon code is "VIP15"

$50.01-$100: 20% discount. Coupon code is "VIP20"

Over $100: 25% discount. Coupon code is "VIP25"

The dollar thresholds for the coupons are U.S. dollars. Only one coupon may be applied to each order. If you are told that your order is not large enough for the coupon you are trying to redeem, it is likely because your order is less than the required U.S dollar amount. In that case, claiming the next lowest coupon will generally solve the problem. 





Payment may be made by Paypal, credit cards or personal cheque.  If you are shopping and may be purchasing additional items over a period, please let us know and we will hold your purchases until you are finished shopping, at which time we will issue you a final invoice that includes combined shipping. 

Please note that as of November 1, 2016 we are now required to be registered for HST/GST/QST. Customers residing in Canada will be charged GST or HST on the final invoice price. 

If you need more than a week to pay for your purchases, please let us know and we will hold your items until you indicate that you are ready to have them sent. Please note that if you are a new customer, we will require payment before we ship your stamps. For buyers paying by e-cheque, this means that your payment must clear before we can ship your stamps. You should be aware that e-cheques can take up to two weeks to clear, so payment by credit card is preferable if you want to receive your stamps within a week of purchase. For established buyers who have a good payment history with us, we will generally ship your purchases in advance of payment, particularly if you are purchasing something on a Friday and do not get around to paying for it until Monday. 




We ship to any country in the world and we generally use Canada post lettermail. For local mail within Canada, we charge $0.65; for U.S, we charge $0.95 and for foreign mail we charge $1.95. These amounts are stated in the base currency, which is U.S. dollars. We will combine shipping on all orders and generally, we do not increase the shipping charges for mail falling into the next weight step. 

It is our experience that the postal system is extremely reliable. We have concluded over 3,600 transactions since 2010, and we can recall only 3 instances in which we had to refund buyers due to non-receipt. It is therefore our opinion that registered mail is simply not worth the additional expense. We find that sending most items in #10 envelopes, with no markings or unsual stamps is the safest way to avoid attracting attention to items in the postal system. Consequently, we use regular, current stamps on our mail and do not, as a general rule, use old stamps. If you want us to use old comemorative stamps on our mailings, we will be pleased to do so, provided you let us know when you place your order. Should you wish us to register your items, please let us know and we will add a flat $10 fee to your invoice for local registration and $20 for foreign buyers.

While the postal system is reliable, it is not always quick. We have found that for some U.S. customers, your shipments can take as long as 3 weeks to reach you, and for most foreign destinations the mail takes 2 weeks. We would therefore suggest that you allow those times to ellapse before contacting us to let us know that you have not received your item. We will respond in every case and work with you to ensure your satisfaction. 


Terms of Sale


Our terms of sale are simple:

1. As we go to great lengths to describe our material accurately and provide adequate scans, it is our expectation that you will read the descriptions and view the scans before you purchase. If you have any questions at all, please do ask them before you purchase, as we will answer them quickly. In the event of a mistunderstanding ocurring because of failure to read the description or ask questions, the ability to return the item will be at our descretion. We won't be unreasonable or unfair in this regard, but we would hope that our customers will take responsibility for their choices and actions as well. 

2. We will always issue refunds in the cases where an item has gotten lost in the mail as it is our experience that this RARELY occurs. However, if it happens more than once, we may have to reconsider our shipping methods to you and may require registered shipping from that point onwards. 

3. We absolutely stand 100% behind every stamp we sell. If we have not described an item properly then you may return the item for a full refund, including the shipping. However, if you are intending to send the item to an expert committee, we would ask that you let us know prior to your purchase. Please also note that the decision to obtain a certificate is your personal decision, and we will not be held responsible for paying for the cost of a certificate on an item you decide to return. We have taken this position as we feel that any concerns over the authenticity of a stamp's attributes should be raised before purchasing an item, and we do attempt to describe material as accurately as possible. We may make an exception in cases where we have both agreed that a certificate is to be obtained as a condition of the sale. 

We specifically will not allow the return of an item that has been sent to the V.G. Greene Foundation unless the foundation issues a pink certificate for the item, or it issues a green certificate, but does not issue it for the same variety being sold. So for example, if we sell a #270i, the 14c 1946 Peace Issue on the thin ribbed paper and it comes back as the regular paper, #270, we would accept the return. We will not accept returns where the comments on the certificate refer to a condition factor that cannot readily be seen with a loupe, UV light or watermark fluid. Our reason is that it is our experience that the expert committee there places too much reliance on a visual comparator spectrometer to render its decisions, and as a result, there have been many instances of opinions about condition and gum that we disagree with. We are not convinced that the committee members can adequately control for the multitude of chemical and climactic factors that affect the paper, ink and gum of stamps, particularly those issued prior to 1870, to be able to interpret the results of using their equipment correctly. If V.G. Greene disagrees with our evaluation of a stamp's condition or gum, but not its authenticity, we would request that the stamp in question be sent to an alternate expert committee, such as the BPA, David Brandon, or the Philatelic Foundation. If one of those committees concurs with V.G. Greene's expert committee, then we will of course, accept the item for a full refund, including the cost of the second certificate.

We are in the process of listing all of our inventory - a massive task, which will likely not be complete until the end of 2018. If you need an item from Canada or Provinces that you do not see listed for sale, please do contact us, as there is a very good chance that we either have it, or can get it for you. 


Privacy of Your Information


At Brixton-Chrome Inc., we take your privacy very seriously. Your information will never be divulged to anyone, ever. You can shop with peace of mind.


What Is A Wishlist, And Why Have One?


Your wishlist is a list of the stamps in our stock that you would like to acquire for your collection, and it is password protected. How many times has a relative of friend asked you what you want for Christmas or your birthday, and the answer in your head is a stamp? The problem of course is that unless your relatives or friends also collect stamps, most of them will not feel comfortable buying you stamps, as they will be afraid of buying the wrong thing.


Your wishlist solves that problem beautifully, as you can give your wishlist password to your friends and relatives as one of your gift selections. Then, they can view your wishlist, and if they want to purchase an item that is on it as a gift for you, they can do so with complete peace of mind. 

Of course, it is also most useful to you for saving items that you are not in a position to purchase now, but may wish to purchase later, without having to search for them again.