Canada #112/112c 5c Violet, Grey Violet and Deep Reddish Lilac, King George V 1911-1928 Admiral Issue Fine Mint OG Examples of the Wet and Dry Printings, Including Several Shades and the 1924 Thin Paper

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Five fine mint OG examples of the 5c violet, grey violet and deep reddish lilac King George V stamp from the 1911-1928 Admiral Issue. All are wet printings, except for the last stamp, which is the deep rose lilac with the re-drawn frameline. This last stamp is NH, while the others are all OG. Of these stamps, all are shades of violet and grey violet. One of the deep violet stamps is printed on the experimental "thin" paper from 1924. A nice start to a specialized collection of this value. Unitrade values these stamps in these grades at $125. The stamps offered here grade 65, 70 and 73 as follows:

Centering/margins: 40/70, 45/70 and 35/70
Paper freshness: 5/5
Colour: 5/5
Impression: 5/5
Absence of visible paper flaws: 5/5
Perforations: 10/10 and 5/10

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