Canada #356 5c Green and Orange Brown, 1955 Scout Jamboree Issue Complete Plate 1-1 Lower Left Sheet of 50, Perf. 11.95 x 11.9, Very Fine Mint NH

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A well centered and fresh mint sheet of the 1955 World Scout Jamboree Issue, from the lower left position of plate 1-1. Line perf. 11.95 x 11.9 and printed on smooth, horizontal wove paper that shows very clear vertical ribbing and cream. There is a cluster of green and brown orange plate dots in the selvage at the lower right corner of the sheet, which I have not seen on any of the other sheets. There are orange brown and green horizontal cutting guidelines visible in the selvage in the upper left corner of the sheet. This issue is significant as it is the first to be printed on horizontal wove paper, with vertical ribbing. By 1962 this will be the standard printing format for the commemoratives, but at this point in the 1950's it was a new process. Unitrade value of 46 singles and 1 plate block is $28.05.

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