Canada #39d 6c Brown Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue, Very Fine Used Single of the Late Montreal Printing on Crisp Horizontal Wove Paper, Perf. 12 x 12.25

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A very fine used example of the 6c brown Queen Victoria stamp from the 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue. Perf. 12 x 12.25 and printed on crisp, horizontal wove paper. There is a slight diagonal bend affecting the lower right corner, but it does not break the paper, and can likely be pressed out after a good soak. Unitrade values this at $35. The stamp offered here grades 76 as follows:

Centering/margins: 40/60
Paper freshness: 5/5
Colour: 5/5
Impression: 5/5
Absence of visible paper flaws: 1/5
Perforations: 10/10
Cancellation: 10/10