Canada #190, C1 10c Cartier and 5c Scroll Issue Airmail Used on 1933 Redirected Airmail Cover to British Guiana

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A very fine small cover sent from Montreal to Georgetown, British Guiana on September 20, 1933, and addressed to a passenger on the SS Colbourne. The 15c airmail rate has been paid with singles of #190 and C1, both of which are tied by Montreal CDS duplex cancels. The backstamps indicate that the cover arrived on September 30. Undoubtedly the passenger in question could not be located, so the cover was readdressed to Montreal and sent back on October 6, 1933. It arrived back in Canada at the steamship company on October 20, and was presumably delivered. The C1 has a small tear at ther top, which happened before it was affixed to the cover. However a fantastic destination and re-direction. Est. $150.