Canada #165, C1 2c Scarlet Arch Issue and 5c Olive Brown Scroll Issue Airmail on Airmail Cover to UK

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A very fine cover sent from Toronto to the UK via New York, on December 15, 1930. The 2c postage to the US is paid with a single 2c Arch Issue stamp and the 5c airmail rate to the UK is paid with a single C1. Both stamps are tied with Toronto CDS's. There is a purple boxed airmail handstamp, which is broken at top and bottom, and has been stroked out by the authorities in order to stop the 5c from being used to cover airmail to the US, so that it could cover the postage to the UK without triggering postage due. Curiously there are no transit or receiving backstamps. However the notations on the cover support the notion that it actually made the journey this way. An unusual and attractive mixed franking. The Arch issue airmail stamp was only issued on December 4, so use of the previous issue's stamp at this point is not considered late. Est. $75.

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