Canada #C6 and E6 1935 Dated Die Issue Airmail and Special Delivery Combination First Day Cover to Ohio

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A very fine combination first day cover, with red maple leaf cachet. Sent from Victoria, BC to Marion Ohio on the day of issue, being June 1, 1935. The 20c special delivery fee and 6c airmail have been paid with singles of each stamp from the series. The 6c airmail is tied by a Victoria CDS cancel, while the same cancel falls in the middle of the special delivery stamnp, but is otherwise the same. Light blue boxed airmail handstamp and special delivery straight line handstamp. In addition there is "Fee Claimed by Office of First Address" stamped on the face. June 2 Salt Lake City transit backstamp and June 3 Cleveland and Marion receiving backstamps. A lovely cover. Est. $75.

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