Canada #F1, 37 2c Orange and 3c Red Orange Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen and Registration Issue, Single Usages on 1873 (?) Cover From Flesherton ON to Collingwood ON, Earliest Recorded Date!!

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A fine registered cover franked with the 2c orange and 3c red orange Queen Victoria stamp from the 1870-1897 Small Queen and Registration Issue. This cover is a real mystery, as it was sent from Flesherton to Collingwood on May 16, 1873, as indicated by the split ring CDS on the front. The F1i and #37 are both tied to the envelope, by large "R" and bullseye cancels, but the earliest known date of use for F1 is December 13, 1875. So, it would appear that the registered stamps might actually have been in use earlier than this, unnless the cancellation date is incorrect, which seems unlikely, as it matches the backstamp, or the stamps have been added. But this also seems unlikely, as they are tied and the #37 has been affixed on top of the #F1. So, I think we may have an earlier date cover here. Trifle reduced at bottom right, but fine overall. Est. $125.

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