Canada #36e, 37iii 2c Grass Green and 3c Red Orange Queen Victoria, 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue Single Usages on 1875 Cover From Rama, ON to Toronto ON

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A fine registered cover franked with the 2c grass green and 3c red orange Queen Victoria stamp from the 1870-1897 Small Queen Issue. Sent from Rama, ON to Toronto on April 20, 1875 and franked with single perf. 11.5 x 12 2c and 3c Small Queens to pay the 5c registration plus postage. The registered stamps had not yet been issued, nor had the 5c Large Queen at this point, so this was the common stamp combination to make up the rate. About one-third of the back is missing unfortunately, which precludes this being a very fine cover. However, it is still fine, and is a nice early First Nations item, as Rama is where CasinoRama is now located. It is First Nations settlement, and this would be a very early postal history item from there. Est. $75.