Canada #1249/1638 1989-1997 Commemorative Issues A Nearly Complete Run of All The Issues on Peterborough Paper Issued From 1989 to 1997, Plus Additional Listed and Unlisted Paper Varieties, All VFNH

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A complete run of all the commemorative issues that came out between 1989 and 1997 on Peterborough paper, other than those that are already included as part of other lots (World War II, Forests, Land Vehicles, 1994 Christmas and Year of the Ox sheets). Includes some of the listed fluorescent paper varieties, as well as some which are not listed at all in Unitrade. As you will see, the early Peterborough paper, with only two exceptions was always dull. The exceptions are the high fluorescent 31c Greet More booklet Christmas stamp from 1989 and the Norman Bethune Issue. It isn't until 1993 that Peterborough paper begins to regularly show wide differences in fluorescence, with the full gamut of brightness levels being found. The varieties present in this lot include: 1990 Prehistoric Life in 2 variations; 1994 Famous Canadians on MF paper; 1994 Prehistoric Life on LF, HF and an unlisted DF paper; 1994 Jeanne Sauve on LF and MF paper; 1995 Flag on HF paper; 1995 Lunenburg Academy on HF paper; 1996 Christmas on both listed papers, 1997 Year of the Ox single on DF, LF and MF paper; the 1996 Birds strip on MF paper; the Canadian Tire Issue on HF paper and the Blue Poppy stamp on HF paper. All stamps grade between VF-75 and VF-84. Unitrade values these at $89.80 in this grade.