Canada #1349v/1354vi 1992-1998 Fruit and Flag Definitive Issue An Assortment of Constant Plate Varieties in Pairs and Blocks, All VFNH

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An interesting group of 1 upper left plate block, 9 top sheet margin pairs and a single, representing a large number of the listed constant plate varieties found on these stamps. The "blue thread" variety is present for all values from the 1c though 10c. The 2c also includes the "snake in bush" and "rose thorn" varieties and the 5c includes the "rose thorn variety". These are all present in se-tenant vertical pairs showing the normal stamp in the top row and the variety on the bottom. The poisoned berry on the 3c, which comes only from position 22 of some sheets is represented in an upper left plate block of the CBN printing. Lastly the "leaf mold" variety is represented on a single of the 6c. Looking at the appearance of the paper, it would seem that most all of these are either APC or CBN printings. These are not nearly as easy to find as Unitrade might lead you to believe, because not all sheets have the varieties. They are only present on a portion of all sheets, and usually not all on the same sheets either. All grade VF-84. Unitrade values these at $43.75, so they add up.