Canada #726-727v 1979-1984 Floral and Environment Issue A Very Fine NH Group of 12 Stamps Representing All Listed Paper Types, Plus Additional Variations

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A very fine NH group of 12 stamps, consisting of 3 variations of the $1 Fundy and 9 of the $2 Kluane. The Fundy stamp includes both the tagged and untagged versions and an additional fluorescent paper variety of the tagged stamp. The $2 includes all listed paper types (Abitibi, Harrison and Clark papers), plus no fewer than 7 variations of the Abitibi paper printing. Some of these are differences in the fluorescence, but also the colour of the green foreground in the design, which you can see quite readily when you compare the stamps. All stamps grade between VF-75 and VF-84. Unitrade values these stamps at $63 in this grade.

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