Lot 84 Canada #1358/1389, 1456-1459, 1484-1506a 43c - 86c Multicoloured 1993 Feminists - World War 2, 3 Canada Post Quarterly Packs Complete, Except For Second Quarter

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SKU Lot 84 July 14, 2021

3 Canada Post quarterly packs of the 43c - 86c multicoloured stamps from the 1993 Feminists - World War 2 issues complete, except for the second quarter. These packs contain all the stamps issued for 1993, including the definitives, except for those issued from April to June. It isn't really possible to check the paper fluorescence of the stamps issue, without opening them. Accordingly we value them as the cheapest types in each case. These packs are becoming collectible in their own right as the years pass, and more and more of them are opened to get the stamps inside.

Unitrade values these at $17.8. The stamps offered here in these packs are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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