Lot 83 Canada #1432-1455, 1349-1355 1c - 42c Multicoloured 1992 Folklore - World War 2, A Canada Post Sealed Semi-Annual Pack Type 5 Style Insert Card With New Canada Post Logo

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SKU Lot 83 July 14, 2021

A Canada Post sealed semi-annual pack of the 1c - 42c multicoloured stamps from the 1992 Folklore - World War 2 issues, with type 5 style insert card issue, with new canada post logo. This pack contains all the stamps issued between July and December 1992, including the edible berries definitives. The card insert appears to be a blue in white design with the new Philatelic Service logo that first appears in 1990.

Unitrade values this at $29.6, based on the stamps inside. The stamps offered here in this packs are all VF and grade between 75 and 84.

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