Lot 80 Canada #1431a 42c Multicoloured , 1992 Canada Day, A VFNH Souvenir Sheet of 12 Printed on DF/DF CPP Paper, With Prussian Blue Margin at Upper Left

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SKU Lot 80 July 14, 2021

A VFNH souvenir sheet of 12 of the 42cmulticoloured stamps from the 1992 Canada Day issue, printed on DF/DF CPP paper, with prussian blue margin at upper left. Although printed on Coated Papers Paper, which is generally always DF/DF, I have found slight differences in the fluorescence as seen from the gummed side: DF greyish, DF cream and LF. This sheet is on the DF/DF cream paper. Also, the deep blue colour at of the margin at the upper left of the sheet is the normal Prussian blue issue, with the greenish undertone, as opposed to the violet blue.

Unitrade values this at $25. The sheet offered here is very fine.

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